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Jean Robert Martinez

July 28, 1942 - April 20, 2020

I have known your daughter for many years and I can tell you that you did an amazing job. Children are the reflection of their parents, to a degree,  to me that means that she exemplifies just how wonderful you were. I only had the pleasure of meeting you a few times and man were you funny! So charismatic! The best New York/ New Jersey Haitian I ever knew, that's for sure! I can still sit back and remember the peace of being around you this day. A quiet calm. That strong great-grandfather, excited, waiting for little Sophia.   And mixed in these memories I see the juxtaposed image of you the day you picked up Jinette, Destiny, and me from the Airport, laughing and sharing insight of New York that one "just must know" as a new visitor!   What laughs, what fun, what joy you brought to everyone who got the pleasure to share a moment  of your life.   I also  remember another moment of chit chat we had sitting at that one hotel some Christmas long ago, waiting for everyone. It's all blurred together right now and I wish I could remember your exact words, but  I just remember your presence and the wisdom I felt emanate from you about life. I recall you having a perspective on your difficult health that impacted me in that moment and left lasting thoughts on exactly how one should battle cancer and all of life's difficulties; with your strength! You ran a race worth running. Your laugh says it all.  Thank you for sharing it,  your smile and your family with me.

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Robert passed away in the hospital due to complications of cancer. He battled Multiple Myeloma and a brain tumor for 17 years,  he outlived all the predictions by his doctors. To make a donation to family for the "Celebration of Life" gathering that will occur in New York when quarantine restrictions have been lifted.  Please feel free to use my information and add a note  specifying " For Robert's Family " and I will forward your contribution  to the family and provide you with a receipt for your taxes. As a Reminder my Paypal and Zelle  account is linked to Picsbybeli@gmail.com and My venmo is @picsbybeli.  For direct gifts and Cards for Jinette Martinez you can also mail them to P.o.Box 6140 La Puente, Ca 91747. 

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  • Guillermina Ramirez

    on April 22, 2020

    I'm so sorry for your loss, my prayers out to you and your family, God bless you comadre, he is an a better place with God, RIP Robert

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