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Special Needs

"Of All of Our Inventions for Mass Communication, Pictures Still Speak the Most Universally Understood Language."~ walt disney

I have worked with children and adults with Special Needs for the past ten years in different facets; therefore, I am well aware of the extra preparation it takes to prepare your child or dependent adult for many tasks in life. Perhaps attending a photography session may prove to be no different. I am 100% willing to assist in any way that I can to help your family prepare for their special day.

Perhaps we can begin with a few phone calls or even better Skype so they can familiarize themselves with me sooner and feel more comfortable when I am putting a camera in their faces.

I also am aware of the different sensory challenges of some individuals with special needs and can work with you ahead of time to plan for these needs. 

The following is a Social Story I prepared that you can utilize with you special needs child/ individual to ready them ahead of time. Please read it to them at least once a day  for a week or two prior to our scheduled session. I also added a Break Card that you can practice using.  Your child may need to use their Break Card during our session. 

Photography Social Story & Break Card

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If you are having difficulty printing my images, please email me and I will send you my PDF file. However you should be able to click the image then simply download the file from the Picture gallery.

**These are free, there is no need to buy them, you are welcome to distribute them**  I did not create the break card but rather obtained it from a site that also allowed free distribution

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If you have any other links that may be helpful please email me , thank you!