"Let's get a Watermelon, Partake on the Joys of a Sunny Park Day and Capture Memories" ~ belinda

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I am your everyday photographer. I love capturing the moments in the "everydays".

If I could live with a camera in my hand everyday I would ; though I practically do on my cell phone. As we move through our lives, the reality is, the only thing we really have left from the everyday moments is our memories.

I believe the camera was a gift from God to help our failing memories capture the fine details in moments; flashes of time that are often gone too soon.  Moments like your grandmother's wrinkles on her beautiful hands as she caresses your daughter's face, the curls in your newborn niece's hair, and the twinkly toes of your son's feet splashing the waves as they crash on him for the first time. What about capturing every month of your pregnancy as your belly expands ? Or perhaps that first gentle kiss on your first date as a married couple; no not the wedding or the honeymoon, but that first married date? How can expensive photography capture moments like these? Who can afford to call a photographer on a whim and say "We're going to the park for the first time with the baby  since he learned to walk can you come?"

That's who I am. I am that friend that may even bring her family along to celebrate these special moments with you. So Let's get a watermelon, partake on the joys of a relaxing sunny  park day, and capture beautiful memories.

When those big events come, such as weddings, who else will you call but that friend who was there to capture the other priceless "everydays" who have just as much beauty in them if you know where to look. My goal is to provide Beautiful Photography that everyone can afford. I remember what it was like when I had my wedding and someone said to me "don't worry about it". Now I can't afford to say that over and over again to my lovely customers, though I wish I could, but I will never charge the thousands that many others can with their advanced photography experiences.  My prices are affordable and I intend to keep them that way, the more you support my efforts the more I can enrich your memories. ~Belinda  ❤ 

* I do not own this video, nor did I contribute in the making of it....follow "The Piano Guys" on youtube for more beautiful videos such as these. Also please click the x on the ad, since the video isn't mine I can't get rid of it.