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Session Details


All portrait sessions are done on-location with natural light. Sessions can be in your home or I can help you select the perfect outdoor location. For newborns, your home is best. For Boudoir indoors is a must, we'll discuss details. For outdoor sessions, there's everything from parks to beaches to downtown urban areas. I can help you find some great locations or you can choose your own. Please keep venue fees and distance in mind when choosing a location. Also, I will help you check , but some places do not allow photography; public arenas are best.


Most sessions are conducted early-morning or late afternoon on weekends; sunset hours on weekdays. When scheduling with children please keep in mind your child's temperament and nap times when deciding on a time. Always bring Snacks. Sessions with children may last 2 hours if necessary; newborns may last up to 3. Refer to our agreed upon time. Please keep in mind that I will be flexible with your children and hope you will also; therefore be sure to have your own schedule  cushioned with ample time. When working with children I will allow time for your child to become comfortable with me though this often does not take long. I also like to leave plenty of time to move about within the location and have a clothing change or two.


For newborns, please contact me as far in advance as possible with your due date. Most newborn sessions are conducted within the first 5-10 days of life so pre-scheduling is very important. If you'd like maternity photos, those are best scheduled between 30 and 34 weeks. However, month to month belly growth packages are available. Also if you anticipate complications please call me ahead of time and I rush to make arrangements for you (In other words if your scheduled to see me in week 32 but the Doctor placed you on rest in week 30 I will try my best to help you still capture your memories).


WHAT TO WEAR? Be yourself or change yourself! Make it fun or make it professional. Complimenting is good, mixing it up a bit is even better. There is no need for everyone to be dressed completely alike in family sessions. Just try to stay with reasonable color schemes. Dress like you, just a better, cuter, well accessorized version of you. If you are having trouble deciding, bring along several outfits and I can help with the decision. If you want some help ahead of time, let me know and you can email outfit “selfies” of your ideas.

Props & Accessories

This where the fun is and where you and your imagination come into play. I’m serious when I say bring a watermelon! Or perhaps maybe some gum, a lollipop, or an umbrella? When you close your eyes and dream of the photos you've always wanted , what do they look like? Let me know and we'll find a way to make it happen (within reason of course). Feel free to bring along items you love. Check with me to see what I may have as well. Here is a list of more Ideas: A fun chair, favorite sports ball, rain boots, your child's favorite toy, trophies, blanket, picnic basket, you name it.

For more ideas please visit my Pinterest Site by clicking on the P symbol below.