Merci Beaucoup

When one gifts another by lighting a passion within them that individual deserves to be rewarded with the praises of many. With my deepest gratitude I acknowledge individuals who have shed light into my life, provided guidance, support and shared love. I am sure this a page that will continue to grow over the years as I recall the many who have been there,  continue to be there and promise to be there. Some may never be mentioned here as your touch in my life may not directly impact my art however you do hold a special place in my heart as well; so, to you also I say "Merci Beaucoup!"                         

My Dearest Husband, Beautiful Daughter, Loving Sister, and extended Family: You guys provide me with support everyday and deal with my craziness. Without you I would never have the courage to step out and test the world, without you I would never be able to take chances. Thank you isn't enough and I love you barely touches the surface.

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My Wedding Photographers: When I speak of people who lit my spark, it is specifically to you who I am referring to because whose footsteps to better follow then those of the people who offer you wedding photography completely free simply because they love you. No, they will not do it for others as they have retired from their photographic endeavors, I happen to have touched their hearts at the right moment that they were able to touch mine. Thank you again for my beautiful Wedding Photography and for teaching me by doing your own craft. This child learned by watching.

Brittnee Taylor Photography: I hired you take my family's photos when you had just started out. At that time you were using your little bit of extra income to help pay for medical school. Today I see a woman who inspires me. Your work has grown so quickly, so beautifully, and so magically. I remember how much you were talking about your hope that God would help you. I see how you pushed yourself, initially taught yourself and by doing so you've developed yourself into ... well, like I said, an inspiration. Thank you! One day spent with you changed my life. I gladly recommend brittanee taylor photography to anyone who requires services more advanced then I am able to provide and especially to those individuals who I am unable to provide services to as discussed in my disclaimer on my Contact page. Family Portrait by brittanee taylor photography.

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My Dear Customers: Thank You for your years of faithful patronage. Your continued support helps me continue to thrive towards excellence and continue my art.

My Lovely Models: Without you I could never have even begun. I look forward to being captivated by your presence many times over and showcasing your inner beauty as well as your outer beauty time and time again

To the little ones: To you I am especially grateful. I am so blessed to watch you grow and beyond fortunate to have had the opportunity to capture fleeting memories of you through my lens. Years will go by and your faces will change but the gift of your childhood portraits will always be mine to share. I thank your parents so much for allowing me to relish in the exuberant jubilee of your laughter.

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